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After 22 years, the spark of joy is as present as ever! We'd love to share some of our moments of joy with you! To begin with, our new song 'When We Play Music'... "it makes us feel alright." Our new album THE THRILL AND THE FLAME is set to be released Sat July 16th!


The music video for our new song 'I Won't Wait For Ride'. Filmed by Roger D. Feldhans at The Weigert Family Farmstead. Much thanks to Brooke Anderson and Jeff Gilbertson for their help on the song, and to our mom for the inspiration.
Peace and love, The Brothers


A collaboration with Alan Sparhawk of Low. The title track off our new album The Dark Exchange.
Love and Peace, The Brothers

Praise for The Dark Exchange:
"(They've) found a very deep-vibe way to record and it sounds amazing. It's vivid, mystical, and pure from the heart... I hope lots of people hear it."
~Alan Sparhawk, world-famous musician/producer from the band Low

"Deep, Moody. Intense. The Brothers Burn Mountain album was a distinct pleasure to work on!"
~Tom Garneau, famed engineer/producer from Minneapolis, who worked extensively with Prince at Paisley Park Studios.

"The Brothers Burn Mountain fearlessly continue their adventure into the sonic realm of whimsy and mystical imagination with this new album The Dark Exchange. With every record they delve further, deeper, closer to the source with unique textures, soundscapes and lyrics that only they have the minds to conjure..."
~Rich Mattson, renowned producer and musician at Sparta Sound Studios in Sparta, MN.

"A lush and layered rock 'n' roll album... The Dark Exchange sounds like messy beards and sepia tones, birth of psychedelic rock documentaries. It's eclectic, with a consistent meditative hum."
~Christa Lawler, Duluth News Tribune


And here's a short documentary on us from the PBS show Making It Up North, from WDSE-TV, with host Karen Sunderman.


Diarmada Records Presents
The Brothers Burn Mountain

Based out of Duluth, MN, The Brothers Burn Mountain are a soulful, energetic, eclectic duo of real-life brothers, Ryan and Jesse Dermody. They've been playing music together everyday as a duo for more than 22 years. They've released 11 full-length albums of original music, and have toured across the country over the years, though especially in the Midwest, having played more than 2,000 live shows. Their sound is a roiling melting pot of so many musical influences, that it's hard to describe, except as energetic and eclectic; with afro-cuban rhythms, Zappa-esque spontanaeity, grittiness, bluesyness, tenderness, and a singer-songwriter, folky flair.

The Brothers have built their own off-grid studio! Built from all recycled materials, Diarmada Studios is nestled in the deep woods only 40 miles north of Duluth, MN. If you'd be interested in recording in this beautiful and idyllic studio, please contact: Ryan or Jesse Dermody at Overnight accomodations are provided if needed.

The Brothers are releasing a new album, The Thrill and the Flame, on July 16, 2022. With help from Jerree Small on vocals, Anthony Deutsch on keys, and Brooke Anderson on Vocals, The Thrill and the Flame is a northwoods rock-and-groove hybrid of experimental sounds, deeply seeped in the traditions of blues, rock, americana, with some jazz, flamenco, and french balladry mixed in to boot.

“(Blue Spruce is) uplifting and transcendent, a bliss-out. It's like something from another time altogether...” -The Duluth Reader

“The Brothers Burn Mountain sound like Honeyboy Edwards, Howlin' Wolf, Jimmy Page and Jack White thrown into a high-speed blender that elicits a blues-based brew that explodes like a nail-filled pipe bomb.” -John Ziegler, The Duluth News Tribune

“The new songs (on When You Crave a Sweetness) sound wonderful.” -Robert Bly, Minnesota's first poet laureate, winner of the National Book Award, and close friend of Tomas Transtromer, the Swedish poet who won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature.

“This new vinyll ('A Thread Through the Night') is just amazing!!” -Rich Mattson, renowned musician and producer at Sparta Sound Studios in Sparta, MN

“Great album!” -KAXE 91.7fm Northern Community Radio.

“The Brothers Burn Mountain lay down a driving, psychedelic, and very personal take on the blues. It's all original music with a roiling mix of influences...from South American rhythms to free wheeling jazz to Howlin' Wolf staring down midnight to Frank Zappa's guitar explorations.” -Jeffrey Jones, program director/music director Park Theater & WOJB-fm 88.9, Hayward WI

The Duluth Reader recently put The Brothers on their shortlist of bands 'to keep an eye out for' in their Annual Manual. Other bands on the list include Low, Trampled by Turtles, Charlie Parr, Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra.

The Band
Ryan Dermody:
vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion, words
Jesse Dermody: drums, words, percussion


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