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Here's a new song and video called 'A Thread Through the Night'. It's the title track to our forthcoming album:

Album Fundraiser
We've been so delighted and bewildered with these new children called songs. We have eleven of them we're putting on the album. They're already all prepared, recorded, mixed, etc. We just need to gather the funds to have the album duplicated on CD... and vinyl! We need your help to do this!

Make a donation through Paypal:

We're holding this album fundraiser for a total of $1,200. That's all we need! We'd like to release the album in early September. Here's the deal:
1. For anyone who donates $15 or more, you get one of the albums on CD (autographed!), and our sincere gratitude.
2. For anyone who donates $30 or more, you get one of the albums on vinyl (autographed!), and you get a limited edition DVD with a short documentary about The Bros, including this new music video, and several other music videos.
3. For anyone who donates $50 or more, you get the new CD, the new vinyl record, the DVD, and an enthusiastic hoot and holler from The Bros!


We can't do this without you!
Thank you!
Jesse and Ryan Dermody

If you prefer to send a donation by mail, please send to:
Ryan and Jesse Dermody
PO Box 233
Cotton, MN 55724
Please make all checks out to: Ryan Dermody


“They may be a blur of motion when they perform live, but on their new release, "When You Crave a Sweetness", The Brothers Burn Mountain show that they're also inventive songwriters, whose musical panorama extends beyond simple, athletic energy. The new disc shows that it's impossible to pin this duo - brothers Jesse and Ryan Dermody - down to any definitive sound or style. Even the word eclectic comes up short describing the brothers Dermody.

That The Brothers Burn Mountain have energy is without debate. What 'When You Crave a Sweetness' brings to light is that they're talented musicians whose palette of aural shades and hues is so varied that they really are unclassifiable.” - John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune

“The [Brothers Burn Mountain] are a duo of electric guitar and drums playing blues-infused music, like The Black Keys but different. Swirling harmonies are set atop fast rhythms, drums are synced up or pulled perfectly away from guitar riffs--it's tight but not stiff, locked but not robotic. Seeing them play is definitely a hypnotic treat.” - Brad Nelson from The Duluth Brews Tribune, drummer of The Black-eyed Snakes and The Boomchucks.

“The Brothers Burn Mountain have made 4 songs off their forthcoming release Deep in Dark Woods (A Diarmada Production 2011) available through ReverbNation. Every time I hear new material from Brothers Burn Mountain it sounds like their best work ever, and that's because the music is always driving, pressing forward, with brothers Ryan and Jesse Dermody jamming along for the ride.

It sounds like another amazing journey of moving rhythms, burning vocals and an overall sense of freedom is on the way - check out the new tunes! The Brothers Burn Mountain are a true original with swirling harmonies, rhythms of the universe, and a style that is instantly recognizable.

Burning Whispers really stood out to me, with such an immense and growing wall of sound. But then follow that with Cloud Woman of the Bleeding Sun and you'll hear the true dynamics and flow of their music. Honestly, each of the new songs is amazing and I can't wait for the full release June, 2011.”
- Doug MacRostie from Macedelic Studios


JesseIn a diary entry dated May 23, 1895, Joseph MacDiarmad, a farmer, wrote of two brothers who wandered on a hilly country road near his land in Monches, Wisconsin. One of the brothers carried a guitar in its black case hanging from his shoulder with a rope. The other carried a small tom drum hanging similarly from his shoulder. MacDiarmad wrote: “They call themselves The Brothers Burn Mountain, and seem to be unknown but to themselves, and I think they come from Wisconsin, but they have strange accents, almost Irish, almost Canadian, but mostly niether; and there's something about them that makes them look like goodly thieves, that wherever they go and whatever they do, they claim their lives back as their own, and they put their bounty into their sounds....”


“I'm going to make a bold statement about Brothers Burn Mountain. I believe that these guys, Ryan and Jesse Dermody, are going to hit it big in the next few years. That is, I believe they will earn the kind of wide-spread popularity and success that acts like, for example, Bon Iver or The Decemberists have earned in recent years. They seem to be doing everything the right way, most importantly focusing on their music, crafting a unique sound and being totally true to their vision.”- David from Stumpjack Coffee Co

“The phrase, 'I'm just a vessel' is used a lot when I ask artists about where their music comes from, and while the Brothers Burn Mountain never simply said that, I don't think it could be any more true for them. Their music is alive - it's a breathing force that you can feel. The music is all around them, in everything they see. They absorb it and appreciate it and it becomes a part of them that then flows out with no thought process or agenda - true musicians, true artists.” - Doug MacRostie from

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American Songwriter MagazineLike the gathering energy of an impro-visational musical peak, is the thrill of discovering music and musicians who bring a new and inspirational facet to our world. The Brothers Burn Mountain are that subtle force pushing irresistibly through the jaded soil of the music world and sprouting life in the minds and hearts of those who listen and hear... Read complete article in American Songwriter.